Thanks to the affordable costs of solar power systems, homeowners within Australia are more and more interested in using solar hot water heaters at their abode for day-to-day use. 

When it comes to cost cutting, having a solar hot water heater is a great option. Solar-powered energy efficient water heaters come with various options and can help you save a fortune on your monthly electric bill.

Make the most of the sun so you can get yourself out of the large costs associated with electricity. With the constant rise in electricity prices, most Australian businesses and home users are in quest of alternates to cut down their electricity use and power costs.

The sun is an abundant, unlimited source of power and Australia gets enough of it on a daily average, so it is a good idea to utilise this natural energy to good effect.

Solar power can be harnessed to drive your lifestyle and day-to-day chores with a wide range of cost-efficient and powerful solar-powered solutions such as heat pump water heaters and solar water heaters.

Solar power is one of the most effective and preferred means to lower your power consumption.

Solar-energy based systems transform sunlight into power. Depending on your daily requirement and preferences, you can choose to installany number of solar panels on your rooftop to improve your savings in the longer run.

Solar energy is eco-friendly and offers advantages

The economic dividends of solar power are highly scalable and can be easily measures. By installing rooftop solar power systems, you can:

  • Save on electric bills
  • Generate second-line income
  • Max out the property value of your abode

As more and more businesses and homes across Australia invest in rewarding solar power systems, we are reducing the reliance on fossil fuel consumption and adopting a healthy and clean economy driven by sun. The advantages of this transition are promising:

  • Improved health and lifestyle with cleaner water, air and soil
  • Improved energy security due to less dependency on imported fuel
  • Generation of green jobs and stronger economic sustainability

Using solar power means less emission of greenhouse gases, which are the prime factor behind severe weather, global warming and unexpected climate changes.

The dividends of solar energy do not just benefit you, the homeowner or business that has a solar system in place. It also offers multiple advantages to virtually anyone who likes having a more sustainable environment and healthier, cleaner living conditions.

Water heating needs massive power

In most Australian homes, water heating requires up to 50 per cent of energy and greenhouse gas emissions. However, choosing the right water heater can help you save big on your power bills. When it comes to solar water heaters, you can actually use abundant energy at a low cost since these water-heating systems run on solar thermal energy connectors that sit on the roof. These solar systems absorb the heat energy from the sun and transfer it through conduction to the water running through them. The heated water is stored in hot water storage tanks for when it needs to be used. 

Heat pumps

Heat pumps are another energy efficient water heater that can help you maximise your savings. Heat pumps work like split air conditioning systems working in reverse. They make the most of this advanced technology to effectively transfer heat energy from the air to the water. Heat pumps limit the dependency on fossil fuels for energy.

Solar-powered energy efficient water heaters are not just affordable and easy to use; they are durable enough to serve for 5 to 10 years without involving much maintenance costs. Most solar heat pump or water heater manufacturers offer substantial warranties on their products since a solar system provides long-term service without much expense.

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