Spare parts

Looking for spare parts/replacement parts?

Is it for a current Exegi hot water system?


More to come. Please contact us by click the contact us heading at the top of the screen. We’ll help you out.


We get a lot of people looking for spare parts for low pressure on-roof close-coupled systems with internal copper heat exchange coils. There’s an eBay store that we will direct you for these parts – please click on the button below:

The eBay store caters for common spare parts for Ultimate Solar, Solar Rex, North Solar, Red Circle Solar, Piping Hot Solar,  Sunstar, Sunergy, and many other on-roof systems. So please head there if you are looking for header tanks, solar powered electronic header tanks, solar powered fill kits, ball valves, stainless steel floats, elements, anodes, seals, frames etc. Not everything is listed so message the seller if you can’t find what you are looking for.