In Australia, the cost of electricity is quite high compared to the majority of developed nations, and there are many reason for this.  Without going into why the electricity is so expensive, we will look at ways to minimize the use, thus saving you money.

Hot water systems account for the bulk of energy consumption for most residential properties. While you can’t do much about the continuously rising electricity bills, choosing the most effective and energy-efficient hot water system can help you control the situation by a fair margin. 

Sanden heat pump system

A Sanden heat pump makes effective use of standard-grade technology related to refrigeration and air conditioning systems, where energy is driven from the atmosphere and is then passed on to water in the form of heat.

R744 (CO2), an Ozone-friendly refrigerant, is deployed to absorb the thermal energy, which is then passed on to a compressor where it’s transformed into a high-temperature gas to be ultimately used for heating purposes.

The gas flows through a condenser installed within the water tank to heat up the water without requiring any type of backup element.

With a Sanden heat pump you can effortlessly save up to 80 per cent of your bills on traditional electric storage water heaters. It’s a system that needs significantly less power to heat water as opposed to traditional water heating systems. The initiative has the potential to save up to 80 per cent on your hot water bills, year after year.

Sanden is driven by CO2 as a refrigerant, which is extremely safe for the environment, being efficient at the same time. It is generally five times more efficient as compared to customary electric water heaters.

Compared to a traditional electric system, A Sanden heat pump flaunts up to 50 per cent faster heat recovery. In needs just four hours for heating a 315 litre of water from 17 to 65 degrees. It comes with built-in freeze protection that makes the Sanden heat pump system ideal for use throughout the year all over Australia.

How it works

The Sanden heat pump works like a refrigerator. It includes a fan, which propels air across an evaporator containing a refrigerant. Air heat flows across the evaporator, which is then absorbed by a refrigerant, R744 (CO2), which does not cause global warming and is completely ozone friendly.

The gaseous refrigerant used in these types of pumps is circulated in the unit through a compressor. As it flows across the compressor, it experiences a sharp rise in pressure, with a corresponding increase in temperature. The hot refrigerant flows through the heat exchanger for providing heat through conduction to the water, which is then pumped through the hot water storage tank.

Less environmental impact and maximum savings

Sanden heat pump technology utilises 1kw of energy for generating 5kw of heat, which is around 80 per cent less energy when compared to conventional hot water units. Given that power costs and bills will continue to surge without notice each year, it becomes all the more important to opt for financial sustainability through this economical water heating system.

Eco-friendly water heating system

An extremely eco-friendly product, the Sanden heat pump is cost efficient as well as productive, all at the same time. The system is considered parallel to solar power when it comes to environmental friendliness and, it is also entitled to rebates and various other governmental incentives. It provides the biggest level of Small scale Technology Certificates (STCs) in Australia through the federal government scheme for any type of hot water heat pump system, thereby saving you big time on your power bills as well as on system operations or installation costs.

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