CO2 Heat pumps

If you have an electric hot water storage tank you would be CRAZY not to look at installing a CO2 heat pump!

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Why not ask how you can save 80% of your hot water heating costs?

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We only sell CO2 Heat Pumps. Why?

We only sell CO2 Heat pumps Because they are the best Heat pumps available for heating water and work best in most climates. 
With a COP (coefficient of performance) of 4.5 a CO2 air source Heat Pump will generate 4.5 times the amount of heat compared to the energy input. A higher efficiency means a lower running cost to you and a better outcome for the environment.

How a CO2 Heat pump works.

A heat pump uses the energy in the ambient air (Air heated by the sun) and transfers that heat to water using a heat exchanger.  Let’s say the air temp is 15 deg C. So how does 15 Deg air heat water to a temperature that can be used in the house?  The answer is Pressure! And lots of it.

Watch the video below to find how this technology works

Free heat from the air is heat you do not need to pay for!

Using a heat pump will save you money. The heat pump has a fan that blows the air past a radiator (like the one in your car) and the radiator transfers the heat in the air to a refrigerant gas.  The gas is now 15 Deg.  The gas is then pumped through a compressor and pressurized. As the gas is pressurized, the temperature in the pressurized gas increases. The gas is pressurized to a point where the temperature of the gas is 65 Deg C! heating water to this temperature makes it safe for use in the house. The 65 Deg C heat is then transferred to water using a heat exchange. The hot water is then transferred to the hot water storage tank for later use.

Superior efficiency = Guaranteed savings.

As a result of superior efficiency, you save money. Using a refrigerant gas and a compressor it is possible to multiply the energy input by a factor a 5. Ie, an efficient heat pump can produce 5 times more energy (in the form of heat) than the energy used (electricity) to run the machine.  This is not magic. Just a smart way to use electricity if what you need is heat or hot water.

In contrast to this technology, an electric element can not generate more heat than the amount of electricity it uses. For example, 1000 watts of electricity used in an element to heat water will produce slightly less than 1000 watts of heat. A heat pump will produce 5000 watts of heat. Therefore you save 80% of the running costs.

For example:

A fridge uses this same principle but in reverse as it takes heat from the food and expels it out of the fridge through the radiator in the back.  Food/ external heat source heats the fridge, heat is transferred to a gas, gas is pressurized and therefore increasing the temperature differential compared to the ambient air,  heat is transferred to the ambient air.  Everything is trying to be the same temperature all the time which is why CO2 Heat pumps work so well.

Become part of the solution.

Make a statement

Investing in a solar hot water system sends a very clear message that you believe there is a better way to heat water. Don't wait for a new government rebate or some other incentive! Make it known that you want things to change and Vote with your actions.

Lessen your impact

Solar hot water costs less to run. It will lessen your consumption of energy and therefore save you money.

Feel good about you hot water

We all need hot water. Why not feel good about your hot water knowing that you have made a conscious decision to support the best technology available. Long lasting , efficient and sustainable.